Student Work / MA(Hons) Architecture

Programme Name: MA(Hons) Architecture
Course Name: AD4 / Tectonics
Course OrganiserIain Scott
Tutors: Moa Carlsson, Simone Ferracina

Within the context of the circular economy, the project explores the potential of reusing a soon-to-be-demolished shed on the outskirts of Edinburgh, which currently houses the Ratho library. While the building would not be typically considered as having any value, the proposal challenges, in response to the climate emergency, the parameters according to which buildings are deemed worthy of preservation. Challenging the need for building demolition and the linear model of resource use, the project exemplifies architectural design as the curation of flows of components and materials across time and space, flows that have here (temporarily) settled as a radical and uniquely sustainable Community Centre in the village of Ratho.

Winner, EAA McKay Medal 2021. Nominated, RIBA Awards for Sustainable Design, President’s Medals 2021. A&DS and RIAS Award for Best 3rd Year Student.