Student Work 

Programme Name: MSc Advanced Sustainable Design
Course NameAdvanced Sustainable Design Project
Course Organiser: John Brennan
TutorsDr Kate Carter, John Brennan

The project utilises the landscape as a framework for planned and strategic development, for the community of Shawfair. Beginning with the landscape allows for a sustainable and local settlement that meets the needs of people, whilst having a contribution to the local ecology and surrounding environment over time.

Increasing density, walk-ability and providing constant access to natural and green spaces are crucial parts of the design hypothesis working with the existing landscape features, geology and processes, mitigating local environmental challenges and promoting biodiversity.

Providing a landscape-based framework for development seeks to enhance the physical connections of people and integrations with the natural environment, and create a settlement that is based around public transport, connections to surrounding areas, and reducing the impact on the environment locally as well as globally.

This project aims to develop the landscape of Shawfair as a framework for regeneration and growth. Using the landscape as a means of improving the existing and providing new connections between people, nature and their surrounding settlements through creating ‘green corridors and waterways’.

These corridors in the short term will serve as re-mediating forms and connecting routes improving the existing contaminated coal mining sites at the centre of Shawfair.

In the long term these will have the ability to evolve and grow with the changing needs of Shawfair and the wider region.

Having a phased development in the project will ensure a time-based strategy that seeks meaningful development of the land, infrastructure and ecology that meets sustainable frameworks. Using a phased approach allows for design flexibility and adaptability moving into future phases and climatic changes.

Path Network.
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Shawfield overview.
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Town centre.
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