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This research seeks to articulate the value of indigenous communities and their knowledge of the forested landscape of the Great Lakes region in Africa. Using architectural methods of drawing, participation and proposition this research seeks to formulate a strategy to include indigenous communities as stakeholders within the conservation and management the Conservation Areas across Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This research responds to the ongoing paradigm of produced landlessness and forced resettlement of indigenous communities (which architects and architecture are complicit agents of).

Killian Doherty and the United Organization for the Development of the Batwa (UOBDU).

Elder of indigenous community at edge of the Volcano National Park, Rwanda, 2016.
Killian Doherty

Cultural value mapping of landscape , Rwanda, 2015.
Killian Doherty

Community making and assembling landscape, Rwanda, 2016.
Killian Doherty

Re-drawing Mufumbiro, 2011.
Killian Doherty