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Removing carbon from our lives will be less about the technology we use but how we act day-to-day. Planning as a discipline and process is placing well-being at the heart of how we should develop our cities. Community Consultation and Quality of Life is a four nations research project looking at how community participation should work in a fast changing legislative landscape. We are exploring how community engagement can shape what we mean by the 20-Minute Neighbourhood. This concept is integrated into the coming National Planning Framework 4 which is the Scottish Government’s blueprint for planning policy and delivery to 2050. Understanding how communities can become more resilient, with more of what they need close by, is critical in the future design of sustainable neighbourhoods. Of particular interest is learning from best practice and the distinctive experiences in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Reading. We’ll be running a pilot project in summer 2022 in Edinburgh using an urban room and digital tools as the core of our research. Our partners are the University of Reading, Cardiff University, Ulster University, the Quality of Life Foundation, Common Place and Urban Symbiotics.

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20 Minute Neighbourhoods Edinburgh.
John Brennan

Engagement Meeting, Edinburgh.
John Brennan

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