Community-based agriculture in Galapagos, Ecuador

Supporting community-based agriculture in Galapagos, Ecuador. (Lucía Norris)

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In the Global South, rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation in the absence of integrated risk and resource management has driven the growth of service provision-poor communities exposed to climate change-related risks (e.g., drought and intense rainfall, triggering flooding and landslides). Our research has demonstrated that communities are best-placed to tackle these challenges, as they know their territory and are willing and able to engage in identifying, mapping and monitoring risks, and developing co-produced mitigation and adaptation solutions. We therefore adopt an action research methodology focussed on empowering those directly affected by risks, through co-creating innovative approaches and strategies to mitigate and monitor climate change-related risks at the local level, with vulnerable Latin American communities exposed to a range of overlapping challenges (e.g., climate change, health risks, economic shocks). We work with local people, community leaders, institutional actors and NGOs to build adaptive transformation through identifying and testing infrastructure and/or strategic solutions, that integrate a range of knowledges (technical, social, community-based, etc.) to inform appropriate, sustainable and inclusive urban development as well as decision-making frameworks. We are currently collaborating with communities, local universities and organisations in Puebla and Mexico City (Mexico), Medellín (Colombia), and the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).

In collaboration with UK and international academic and government partners, NGOs and communities.

Supporting community-based agriculture in Galapagos, Ecuador.
Lucía Norris.

Community mapping of climate change-related risks in Puebla, Mexico.
Melisa Miranda

El Pacífico and Altos de la Torre Neighbourhoods in Medellín, Colombia.
Mesa de Vivienda de Comuna 8

El Faro and Golondrinas Neighbourhoods in Medellín, Colombia.
Mesa de Vivienda de Comuna 8

Workshop for the exchange of local and technical knowledge-perceptions of appropriate technologies and climate change in Medellín, Colombia.
Maria Alejandra Villada