Teaching / MA(Hons) Architecture

Sites Unseen was a third-year studio devised by Killian Doherty, co-taught with Nick Mols, at ESALA in Autumn of 2020. The studio was pre-occupied with Scotland’s colonial-extractive histories resident within Scotland’s prominent neo-classical monuments – monuments that will be analysed and re-configured, as a response to broader racial and environmental injustices.

The studio asked students to chart the unseen colonial pasts by re-surveying several of Scotland’s neo-classical ‘architectural’ monuments and to geographically connect them to natural and human resource extraction past and present. Design was wielded as a tool to de-commission and transform these monuments into places that acknowledge racial and environmental injustice.

Guest critics included Ana Betancour, WAI Think Tank, Penny Travolou, Francisa Lima and Sumayya Vally.

Killian Doherty, Nick Mols, Reem Al-Kalbani, Christy Allen, Kayla Bain, Ciaran Cassidy, Cameron Cowie, Krzysztof Dryfik, Anna Neill George, Lucy Jones, Xinyi Lu, Jakub Prusak, Peter Richardson, Francesca Zaria Scott, Kaitlyn Smith, Roula Traboulsi and Tsantrizos Georgios

The quarried city.
Kaitlin Smith, Jakub Prusak, Xinyi Lu

The Dundas Legacy.
Kaitlin Smith, Jakub Prusak, Xinyi Lu

Analysis of mining waste/tailings.
Kaitlin Smith, Jakub Prusak, Xinyi Lu

Ecological fall-out.
Kaitlin Smith, Jakub Prusak, Xinyi Lu

Decommissioning Dundas: proposal for new St Andrews Square, Edinburgh.
Kaitlin Smith, Jakub Prusak, Xinyi Lu